According to the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, the number one cause of all boiler “incidents” is low water conditions related to the failure of the low water cutoff controls. Cleaver-Brooks intends to change all that with the release of a revolutionary new design in boiler water level control.

The Cleaver-Brooks Level MasterTM water level control is designed to be a low water cutoff and feedwater controller. The Level MasterTM forever replaces the outdated (60-plus year-old) technology that relies on a float, welded or screwed to a rod, that triggers mercury switches. The old technology was prone to failure attributable to the float and rod getting hung up by scale, foreign matter or wear and tear.

As an “intelligent control” the Level MasterTM actually monitors your boiler’s water level, and itself, to ensure that the control is operating properly. It has built-in functions to verify that your water level is safe, by dynamically measuring water level changes every 10 milliseconds. This control will sense level changes of as little as .025 inches and will even provide a warning alarm if the water level is not varying (even slightly) when the boiler is in operation.

The Level MasterTM system consists of three parts: a microprocessor based controller, an in-situ continuous reading water level sensor and a water column. The sensor employs a new magnetostrictive principal, a non-contact, non-wearing long life technology that is designed specifically for boiler applications. The controller can even verify the operation of the auxiliary low water cutoff. Other features include:

  • Adjustable blowdown reminders.
  • Date & time stamped alarm and blowdown history.
  • High water and low water level lights.
  • Panel with LCD readout and water level lights.
  • Fail-safe circuits
  • Tamper-resistant low water cutoff points

This control is now available on new Cleaver-Brooks boilers and is also available as a retrofit for firetube and watertube boilers of nearly any type or manufacturer! It can be used as a low water cutoff control or as a cutoff with feedwater control for on-off or continuously running pump applications.

Help eliminate catastrophic boiler failures by including the Level MasterTM on all of your boiler projects.